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Business Week: June 19, 2000
Department: Washington Outlook: Capital Wrapup
Headline: Corporate Refuseniks
Byline: Edited by Paula Dwyer

Despite the boom in soft-money giving, a growing number of businesses are mounting a quiet boycott. The nonpartisan reform group Campaign for America has identified 40 companies that donated at least $75,000 in soft money in the 1997-98 election cycle but have contributed nothing in the current campaign. Among them: Revlon, Miramax Films, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, HCR Manor Care, Advanced Micro Devices, American Greetings, and HCA-The Healthcare Co. "There's a lot of skittishness about going public," notes Dwight L. Morris, president of the Campaign Study Group, which conducted the research. Venture capitalist Jerome Kohlberg, the founder of Campaign for America, says leaders of both parties have successfully intimidated many in Corporate America. "They're adroit arm-twisters and threateners," says Kohlberg.