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The Campaign Reform Project is a nonprofit organization that strives to educate the business community about the importance of reforming campaign finance laws as a means of revitalizing the country's democratic processes and promoting business. Its mission includes:

  • promoting awareness of the importance of campaign finance reform in the business community
  • encouraging business leaders to become involved in discussions about reforming the system
  • working with the Business Advisory Council to achieve fundamental campaign finance reform

The Campaign Reform Project does not take positions on specific legislative initiatives. Rather it promotes a set of principles on which any serious campaign finance effort must be based. The principles include:

  • reducing special interest money in the financing of political campaigns, particularly large contributions to the political parties called "soft money;"
  • strengthening financial disclosure requirements, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and reporting rules for campaigns;
  • leveling the playing field between challengers and incumbents;
  • increasing access to electronic media in order to facilitate more direct communication from candidates;
  • curtailing the overall cost of campaigns.

Currently, the Campaign Reform Project is:

  • organizing a Business Advisory Council comprised of current and former chief executives who are committed to promoting the message of campaign finance reform;
  • calling attention to the problem of Soft Money and to the importance of reforming campaign finance through print ads, television appearances and other media;